A Ninja, a Food Bar, and Three Mini Cocottes

It sounds like the start to a bad joke. We tried hard to think of a punchline, as they walk into a bar- the kind with alcohol, as opposed to the edible kind we've got on hand today. But we couldn't really think of ...
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A Teaspoon of Honey is the New ‘Apple a Day’

Last week it seemed like all of my friends simultaneously recovered from their colds, and I offered all of them the same tried and true advice: local honey. Honey delivers pollen allergens found in the air around your ...
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Bob’s Red Mill Pumpkin Pasta and Furthermore Pinot Noir

Falling leaves, Zom­bies, Witch­es, Ghosts, Sexy… any­things… It’s def­i­nite­ly fall. In­spired by the sea­son, we made pump­kin pas­ta with ama­ranth flour ($6.31 for a 24 oz. bag) from Bob’s Red Mill. The ama­ranth flour ...
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A Duck For Every Pot: Berghoff’s Children’s Line

We’ve seen some un­doubt­ed­ly strange things come across our desks- gad­gets of ev­ery shape and size and style, and plen­ty of odd books, movies, and more bad CDs than we can pos­si­ble list. There have been so­das ...
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Arzum Okka: An Easier Introduction To Turkish Coffee

The history of coffee is complicated, and even the much shorter history of the beverage in the United States has quite a few chapters. For those who know a bit about the British obsession with tea, and the events of the ...
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Baratza Encore: A Great Entry-Level Espresso Grinder

If you're making espresso at home, you already know how important it is to get a fine, consistent grind for your coffee. In fact, it's the single most critical thing you can do to effect the quality of your cup ...
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Enjoy Your Own Private Wine Cellar With Cuisinart

Have you ever looked inside your refrigerator and realized that the bulk of the items inside were wine bottles? We have. They can take up a lot of space, and what’s more, need different temperatures that ...
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Home Carbonation: Colorful and Quirky, Or Elegantly Classy

If you're tired of spending a small fortune on pre-packaged sugar water, there are some better, healthier, less expensive, and fresher options available now. Home carbonation isn't some weird, difficult technology ...
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illy iperEspresso Francis Francis Y1: Fast and Inexpensive

We're partial to coffee around these parts. It might just be the American tradition, or the wider variety in local brews. It might, in part, be a value proposition: espresso shots are small compared with a good mug of java ...
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Grills For Indoors And Out

It's the start of prime grilling season and we've been out trying out our BBQ skills. After all, you need some time to break in your grill (and recipes) before the Fourth of July and the likely Independence Day potlucks and picnics. It's great to roast your steaks outdoors ...
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Kitchen & Indoors Gift Guide: Eat, Clean, Be Merry!

With only a few days left before the big holiday, Santa’s elves have been busy working overtime to finish up our gift lists. Sure, the more prepared amongyou already have purchased everything- but we’re ...
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An Indoor Grill?! The Homping Cooks Without Smoke

As the summer draws to a close, it’s time to get in all the grilling that you can, before it’s too late. At least, that’s what we planned on doing until we tried today’s unique piece of gear ...
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