Handpresso Auto: Espresso In Your Car?!

There are many great places to grab coffee- excellent machines aplenty exist for your home or office, and there are no shortage of local bistros and cafes to help you get your caffeine fix. But one of the most common places to drink your java is in the car, on the way to work in the morning or while doing chores on the weekends.

In a world where you can spend quite a bit of time in your car, it made sense to develop an option perfect for those who appreciate espresso but are driving in areas where a good cup can be hard to find. Whether you’re traveling through areas rural, dessert, or just in a rush on your commute, we liked the idea of this espresso machine for your car. We took a look at a Handpresso model over three years ago, and it’s interesting to how the company has improved since then. Their newest product is the Handpresso Auto E.S.E., and like the sister version, it uses these easy-serving espresso pods that are simple to use if a little hard to find.

At first glance, it looks kind of like a slightly-futuristic travel mug, or a small thermos. There is a dial on the front that indicates the temperature, and the espresso maker can reach up to 16 bars- enough for solid results, competitive with most home machines. You plug the Handpresso Auto in to your car’s cigarette lighter using the included adapter, add water, and simply press a button to start the process. It beeps when it’s done, and doesn’t take very long at all, around two minutes. Sip carefully- it’s hot- it will fit in most cupholders. You’ll need to find a durable cup for your shots though, and secure a place in your glovebox for all of the supplies.

Perfect for car campers, you should carry an extra bag with you for the used-up pods, and be careful when cleaning since they are hot. It’s a bit difficult to make more than one cup without some time in between, and cleaning the cup itself can be tough on the road too of course. You can control the size of the shots; they built in indicators for you to add the appropriate amount of water. The Handpresso Auto feels well-built, and it’s sort of like magic- a fun, if niche item targeted at those who like their espresso strong and straight and while on the run. Available now from Importika in the US directly or via Amazon, it runs about $200 online.

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