Happier Holidays: Calphalon Signature Non-Stick Roasting Rack

Hosting the holidays can be incredibly stressful- all of the preparation, the decorations, not to mention the inevitable cooking and cleanup. One of the big two seasonal American family get-togethers might be over, but the biggest of them all of still coming (and many people do something for New Year’s Eve as well). If you aren’t heading out to grab Chinese this Christmas, but instead plan on making a turkey, then you still have a few days left to finish the guest list, the gift list, and cross today’s item off your personal list.

Thanks to Calphalon, you can make your life a little easier with their Signature Non-Stick 16″ Roaster with Rack. This guy will handle just about anything you need to roast as we head towards 2016, from vegetables to hams to, yes, the traditional bird in the oven (up to 20 pounds). Sure, your old roaster might seem ok, but we doubt that you’re going to use metal tool and implements, because most of them are prone to scratches. This one is immune to those concerns, so grab your whisk or spatula- and don’t worry much about cleanup either, since it’s also dishwasher safe.

We haven’t had a chance to test it out that often over the last month, but have thrown a couple of parties and managed to get a lot of stuff coating the inside. But the  PFOA-free non-stick coating made it simpler to handle, while in other ways you could use it basically like a regular stainless steel version. The handles on the side stick out enough to grab them easily, and felt sturdy enough to hold your big roasts. Oven safe up to 500 degrees F, the removable rack elevates your meat, literally.

Calphalon has been around for quite a while- the company was formed in 1963- but you might not know that they are part of the same family that makes everything from Sharpies to Rubbermaid. And they offer a pretty wide range of cookware, so don’t limit yourself to a single piece- and don’t worry about longevity since you can enjoy a lifetime warranty. Available online and in stores, they even make other roasting pans, but this is their top-of-the-line model, available in a stainless steel version as well or the non-stick as tested for $149.99.

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