Woll Diamond Plus Induction: Super-Durable German Cookware

To paraphrase an old saying, diamonds are a cook’s best friend. The very properties that make them appealing in jewelry- their sparkle, shine, but mainly their incredible durability and hardness- make them handy in a variety of other applications, from saw blades to cookware. We’ve been testing out one pan that puts them to good use.

Made in Germany, Woll Diamond Plus Induction cookware is a line that includes everything from crepe pans to saute pans, saucepans, and more. Our chefs have been trying out the Woll Diamond Plus Induction Fry Pan, their largest-diameter (32cm / 12.5in) medium depth model with a lid, available with both fixed and removable handles. The company claims that their pans are “extremely cut and scratch resistant” thanks to an ultra hard coating with embedded diamond crystals in the aluminum metal. We also love that they are completely non-stick thanks to “superfine nanoparticles”, and created by robots no less. The handle stays cool even when cooking, and felt well balanced despite the fairly heavy duty construction.

What’s best is that cooking is supremely even, thanks probably to the conductive properties of the materials used. Induction cooking, as well, is even by nature, and together this was a pan that got hot fast, and didn’t show any hotspots. You can use the Diamond Plus Induction line with any type of stovetop, the induction capability is just a layer that allows it to be magnetically reactive since aluminum generally is not. Oven safe, we used metal utensils without damaging the pan, and there are no weird coatings to flake off or get damaged. And the Woll pans are dishwasher safe as well. What else would you expect from a process that apparently takes 3 hours where the pans travel through over 7 football fields in length of ovens.

If you want or need something a bit smaller (and this one’s main issue is really that it is quite large, and heavy), Woll does make several sizes, including 8, 9, and 11 inches. The extra depth is quite handy- it’s over an inch and 3/4 deep, which makes the uses quite flexible, but isn’t deep enough for, say, stir-frying. With this style of cookware, you can use less oil or butter, making for healthier cooking. The lids aren’t great but clean easily enough, and it’s nice to see through them. Available now, online and in stores, expect to spend around $150 as tested- a good price for a great pan.

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