Housewares: In The Kitchen With Rosle And Lekue

It’s been a fairly brutal winter, with plenty of snow and ice that make going out to eat a hassle. Which is why we’ve been staying in a bit more, cooking at home, and preparing some new twists on old favorites. We’ve got a few tools to tell you about, perfect for gifts!

Let’s start with Rosle. Manufacturers of a wide range of kitchen accessories, we’ve been testing out two notable pieces of gear- the Rosle Garlic Press and the Pizza Cutter. As you might imagine, these are absolute requirements for any decent chef, especially if you’re making your own dough and Italian classics. Both are heavy-duty, stainless steel, and professional-grade. With this garlic press, we didn’t even have to peel the cloves, and could do an entire head at a time pretty easily with simple cleanup. And it takes less force than some other models, thanks to the levered system and the smooth movement. The pizza cutter is simple, sharp, and effective, with a blade guard to prevent accidental cuts. And both tools feature easy rings for hanging. Available now, online and in stores, expect to spend around $26 for the pizza cutter and $45 for the garlic press.

A bit less traditional are the pair of steam cooking helpers from Lekue. Constructed from “platinum silicone, a safe polymer composed mainly of silicone that is flexible, resistant and withstands high temperatures up to 428 degrees”, these are dishwasher safe, easy to maintain, and even come with a ten-year warranty. If you haven’t tried steam cooking, it’s simple and easy, and especially perfect for singles who want something fast and with trivial clean-up. Their Small Steam Case with Tray comes in a couple of sizes and colors, ours was clear and 22 ounces, and their Omelet Cooker also is available in a nice shade of red. Add a couple of eggs, some vegetables, and you can whip up your omelets in the microwave with no mess and no fuss. Perfect for a mom on-the-go for kids who probably won’t miss the slight brown crispiness that pan frying allows. Lekue products are reasonably priced too, at $15 for the Omelet Cooker and $30 for the Steamer.

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