Thanksgiving With The Mauviel M’Heritage M150c Tri-Ply Roaster

This holiday, we treated our bird right. Usually content with a cheap disposable pan, we upgraded to the very top-of-the-line thanks to Mauviel. We’ve tried out several of their lovely copper items before, including one that caused us to break into spontaneous haiku, and continues to be the saucepan against which all others are compared. If we rave, it’s because we’re serious- and if you are skeptical, you probably haven’t had the pleasure of using their products. Granted, their gear is expensive, and a cheaper saucepan performs nearly as well. But few are even a fraction as classy.

The same is doubly true for the made-in-France Mauviel M’Heritage Tri-Ply Copper Roaster and Rack (also sometimes called the Cuprinox M150 M’Heritage Tri-Ply Roasting Pan.) Measuring about 16 x 12, it’s big enough for even the largest birds- ours looked a bit small in the pan, but that meant plenty of room for vegetables, and easy maneuvering to check temperatures. It’s a bit heavy, but built to last- steel rivets, cast iron handles, and a stainless steel interior layer over 2.5mm of solid copper. That means even, consistent temperatures and non-reactive, easy cleaning, the best of both worlds.

For those who want to save a little dough, Mauviel also offers a stainless-only option, shaving about $70 off the price. They also offer models without the included roasting pan ($30), as well as shallower versions (though their site doesn’t show any savings for this difference). The roasting rack is a good value, offering a little extra room for air to circulate around the bottom of your bird and is conveniently shaped for larger ones. It’s non-stick as well. If you haven’t used one, it can help prevent burning on the bottom of the turkey, though we haven’t had too much of an issue in the past.

Guaranteed for life- it’s hard to beat that. Much like the Rosle and Emile Henry products we talked about yesterday, this is a premium product that literally can be passed on through generations. I’ve seen Mauviel cookware over thirty years old in regular use, with the copper finish still bright and shiny thanks to occasional cleansing. A roasting pan isn’t an absolute necessity for most kitchens- it’ll only come out a few times a year- but those are some of the most important occasions. This year, our pan looked nicer than our serving platters and earned plenty of oohs and aahs. Mauviel offers cookware to aspire to- and is the ultimate gift for a chef who has it all.

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