Frieling Black Cube Wok: Easy Cleaning (And Cooking)

One of the most versatile pans is one that you may not have in your kitchen arsenal. It’s all too often that a wok is associated only with Asian cooking, but it is useful for much more than that. And while many woks tend to be a bit hard to use and somewhat easy to burn, we’ve got a very different sort today, one that put a more modern technological spin on this classic piece of cookware.

The Frieling Black Cube Wok is about 12.5 inches wide, and features what they call the Ultimate Cooking Surface. It’s basically stainless steel with a special non-stick surface, safe for use with metal utensils and even in the dishwasher. Tri-ply construction means even, consistent heat across the surface as well as a solid and stable feeling in the hand. It’s not light by any means, but the handles are well-riveted, and it was simple enough to raise, shake, and stir.

PFOA-free, the Black Cube Wok can even be used in the oven, and is induction-ready. Our favorite part is that the unique appearance is connected directly, and even derived, from the it’s functionality. The textured cubic shapes, visible on the surface, can also be found across a pretty wide set of Frieling’s lineup from saucepans and frypans to skillets and even stockpots. A complete set (10 pieces in total) is also available if you like the Black Cube style as much as we did.

Two small downsides- the lid is sold separately for this piece, and the handle could use a little better grip. We last checked out Frieling’s stylish French Press late last year, and as we mentioned in that review, they’ve been around for more than two decades and are becoming more of a household name thanks in part to partnerships with European frims like Woll, Zassenhaus and more. Available now, online and in stores for around only $120 or so, the Black Cube is a wok that looks and performs like it should cost twice the price.

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