KitchenAid’s Powerful, Hefty Pro Line Series Blender

It’s definitely smoothie season- with record-breaking temperatures across the United States, and especially in the Southwest. We don’t suggest going outside for very long, since even some flights are being canceled due to the heat- but when you are boiling warm then there is nothing like a blended ice drink to help cool you down. Whether it’s for making margaritas or gazpacho, the key ingredient in any of the best summertime recipes is a solid blender.

The KitchenAid Pro Line Series Blender is their top-of-the-line model, offering 3.5W of horsepower in a fairly compact form factor. It’s got a heavy base, at almost sixteen pounds, more than enough weight to stay still and steady at maximum power. And this appliance certainly sounds like the powerhouse it is - not super-loud, to be clear, but with a bit of whine at top speed and a nice purr at low power. We liked the easy-pour, easy-clean 87-ounce plastic jar, and their take on a classic aesthetic style without being too retro. There are some thoughtful details too- the jar’s handle has a bit of a grippy surface for better handling and the lid stays well-sealed, plus it’s insulated as well.

We’ve seen plenty of other KitchenAid gear in the past, including their nifty Magnetic Drive models and famous stand mixers, and this is one of their matching Pro Line items, which includes an electric kettle, a couple of toaster options, food processor, even an espresso maker. There aren’t a lot of options or settings on this one, though there are a few (including smoothies)- but the power knob is pretty granular with 11 steps in all. There’s a high and low pulse mode too, but you’ll probably have to use the included tamper for best results. The Pro Line can crush ice cubes with absolutely no problems, and pulverize nuts too, but tended to leave things a little uneven unless you used some manual intervention. Unlike most others we’ve seen, there is a handy clean mode- just add a couple of drops of dish soap and some water.

You can find it in candy apple red or ‘imperial’ black, as well as pearl white. Available online and in stores, expect to spend around $499 for the KitchenAid Pro Line Series Blender. That’s certainly on the higher end of the spectrum, but below many commercial-grade options. Best, and most reassuring of all, is the ten year warranty that KitchenAid offers. Spend your summer with a new love, the healthy smoothie machine that can be your kitchen’s best friend.

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