Celebrating Fall Flavors with Emile Henry’s Ovenware

All too often right around Halloween, the weather in New York jumps from humid summer to blustery winter and leaves us dazed and confused. But this year, fall has offered crunchy leaves underfoot and crisp breezes. But for those in warmer climates or even those who are already feeling the chill of winter, you can celebrate Autumn simply by cooking with the flavors of the season. There is no better time to embrace the warm aromas of pumpkin, apple, mushrooms and squash.

Baking for TrulyNet always means that we pull out the Emile Henry classics collection. Handcrafted in France, Emile Henry has established a worldwide reputation for some of the most beautiful ceramic ovenware products. Still owned and operated by the Henry family, the company still makes it’s lovely products one at a time from the original Burgundy clay. This unique clay is safe for the broiler and microwave, and can withstand oven temperatures up to 500°F. These light ceramics are formed and hand-finished by skilled artisans who take pride in their kitchen staples. The durable hand-painted glaze does not chip or crack and they offer a virtually nonstick baking surface that speeds up the cleanup process, making these fundamental pieces in every kitchen.

In the past we’ve gotten creative in the kitchen with Emile Henry: we’ve baked bread in their Baguette Baker, made elaborate stews and risottos, and even made some savory cassoulets. This year we wanted to try out some pies! The Emily Henry Pie Dish is cleverly designed to compliment contemporary American kitchens, combining a modern scalloped silhouette with the company’s signature color schemes. The Burgundian clay from France ensures all dishes heat easily and evenly for gentle, uniform baking and browning. They also retain their heat well, making them perfect to keep pies and quiches warm at the table. Our pie dish was ideal for savory quiches, pot pies and sugary apple crisps. We even attempted the eggy clafoutis that is pictured here. With such a huge realm of possibilities, we will be using this dish throughout the holiday season!

We also tried out the Pizza Stone, made of all natural materials and manufactured using Emile Henry’s proprietary Flame® technology. The Pizza Stone can withstand high oven temperatures, meaning that our crusts turned out golden brown and crunchy. For those who still have warmer weather, you can use this pizza stone directly on a gas, charcoal or natural wood grill. We relished in the beautiful Instagram-worthy mushroom and arugula pizzas we were turning out! And with this pizza stone, you can cut directly on the glazed stone without damaging or scratching the surface- a huge win over some of our other reviewed stones. And just like the pie dish, it proved easy to clean with soap and water but can also be cleaned using the deep-clean setting on your oven.

Emile Henry pieces come in luscious natural colors to compliment any kitchen. Their price tag is excellent for a product that withstands the test of time. On sale now at $40 for the pie dish and $45 for the pizza stone, we can’t wait to grab these for early holiday presents!

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