Christmas Cutlery: Messermeister San Moritz Elite 8 inch Stealth

Whether you're at home for the holidays or making your own traditions, you'll probably be spending some time in the kitchen. We plan on cooking up some Christmas favorites, and there's nothing like the big festival meal to show off some new tools, especially ones that are sharp and to the point. We've been testing out three knives recently and will cover each of them in turn- in the previous pieces, we looked at the G2 6-inch Chef's Knife and the Kyocera 6″ Ceramic Nakiri Knife.

And now we've got the Messermeister San Moritz Elite 8″ Stealth Chef's Knife to test. The most expensive of the three, it's also the largest at eight inches instead of six, and felt the most classic- and classy. Traditionally made in Germany via the "original hot-drop, hammer forging method", the stealth in the title refers to the claim that this blade offers "the sharpest edge of all forged German knives." We were eager to put the claim to the cutting board.

And while the ceramic knife wasn't suitable for use on boned meats, this one could mince vegetables, and fillet fish like a champ. The length means that it's best for chef's who are a bit more serious, as it can take some time to get used to the size and heft of a larger blade. The heaviest of the three as well, by far, this blade weighs about .85 pounds. The tip was one of the sharpest we've seen, and though we generally prefer the appearance of Damascus-style steel on larger blades, the ergonomic shaping on the molded handle was both attractive and comfortable.

Messermeister also manufactures sets and cutlery for every need, including ones with wooden handles, Santoku and paring knives, and cleavers for professionals. We used this knife as out all-arounder, and while it took the most effort to get started, it was by far the best at heavier-duty tasks, making it a great purchase for someone who really wants a single great piece that they can turn to for every occasion. We'd suggest splurging a bit and picking up this one if you are looking for a one-size-meets-all knife that will hold up well, and get most any job done in your kitchen. Available now for around $130.

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