Wüsthof Ikon 9″ Double Serrated Bread Knife: Slice It!

One of the greatest enemies of our modern world is probably crumbs. Or maybe that’s just us, and our irrational dislike of finding particles left over from the mere act of eating or snacking. The biggest offender, of course, is the baguette, which tends to crumble in our hands seemingly in defiance of the laws of physics, creating more matter than would appear to be possible if the conservation of mass held true.

That’s why we were pretty excited about the sthof Double Serrated Bread Knife last year- enough to include it in our gift guide. This year brought an updated model, with a sleeker profile and more comfortable handle- their CLASSIC IKON series 9-inch Double Serrated Bread Knife. Beyond that, the knives are pretty similar, with near-identical blades, offering double the number of micro-teeth compared to a traditional bread knife.

And that simple change makes a big difference when you’re slicing into a nice, thick, crust- instead of watching tiny bits fly all over the room, you’ll find a remarkably clean, even cut without damaging your precious loaf. Made in Germany and triple-riveted, it is certain to hold up over time, and feels well-balanced in the hand. Many folks might not feel that they need a dedicated blade like this, but it’s definitely become one of our top four or five most-used kitchen knives.

As with all fine cutting implements, you definitely want to handwash to avoid unnecessary wear and tear- don’t machine wash good knives! Wusthof does offer a lifetime warranty, and they claim that this lovely blade’s Precision Edge Technology “ensures the blade is always sharp and never needs to be sharpened”. So far, so good- we still haven’t had to update the edge on last year’s version. The Wüsthof CLASSIC IKON 9″ Double Serrated Bread Knife is available online and in stores with an MSRP of $99.95, and is a great gift for the chef- or baker- in your life.

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