Revol’s R-Cocotte: A Revolution In Porcelain

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to take a fresh look at your kitchen- to prepare for future feasts and be ready for new harvests that are bound to put squash on your table one way or another. Roasting vegetables and making stews will surely occupy some of your time this autumn, and there is no better addition to your set of pots and pans than a bit of porcelain. It’s easy to clean, sturdy, and looks great- but it’s also versatile.

The Revol 22cm R-Cocotte is part of their new Revolution collection, which includes six different sizes of cocottes along with a tajine and an oval piece as well. Best of all, it comes in six different bright colors, like Seychelles Yellow, Pepper Green, Lime Green, Black and Magma Red, though we tested out the White Satin. What’s nice about the enameled material is that it works well with just about any cooking surface from atop your gas stove or induction surfaces as well as inside your microwave or oven. And then you can serve directly from the dish!

We previously looked at Revol’s Belle Cuisine line, and commented then about the durability- like it was cast iron, and this piece also offers a five-year warranty. Built-in handles make for convenient use, and the lid has a nice black accent in it’s handle as well. Made in France, Revol cookware is widely used professionally in restaurants and hotels, and does not absorb liquid, oil, odour or bacteria. Plus it’s said to be capable of handling very high temperatures, and provides extreme resistance to shock and thermal pressures, scratching and chipping, not to mention the fact that their porcelain is dishwasher and even freezer-safe.

Available now, online and in stores, the Revol R-Cocotte is a lovely piece that can handle some serious use without showing wear. Expect to spend around $160, and enjoy easy cooking or even baking in your revolutionary casserole dish!

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