Global SAI Vegetable Knife: Slice Thin

It’s time for fall produce- and we’re ready, thanks to some new kitchen equipment in hand for the season. Fruits like apples are just starting to come into the markets, and while we’re sad to say goodbye to berries and watermelon, we’ve got pumpkins and squash to help us past their absence.

One of the key components to a great kitchen experience, as every chef knows, is a great set of cutlery. We’ve been testing out the Global SAI Vegetable Knife, a 7.5inch blade made from three layers of Cromova steel. Only 2.5mm thin, it’s a very svelte slicer, perfect for creating amazing cross-sections of cucumbers and dicing onions. The handle is nicely indented where your fingers rest, and it seemed to work well for both right- and left-handed folks. It’s a bit slippery when wet though, we might’ve preferred a bit more texture for a better grip.

The best part of the knife, though, is  the beautiful dimpled texture on the surface of the blade itself. The hammered appearance is modern, and they claim that “the air pockets resulting from this result in a better release of food being cut, giving the blade non-stick properties”. Those cucumbers slid right off indeed. We’ve looked at Global knives before, and the Global G-2 is clearly a sibling rival of this newer SAI line. Made in Japan, we expect this one to last a very long time, much like the G-2 which has held up quite well over the past few years.

There are plenty of options in the Global SAI line of knives- from paring to bread to utility models, and many more. Well-balanced and incredibly sharp, this is a knife definitely worth the investment. It’s a Williams Sonoma exclusive, and runs $199 at that retailer.

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