Stylish Coffee: Frieling’s Insulated French Press

Tomorrow morning, one of the first things we’re going to do is make a large amount of coffee. Putting 2016 to rest will be satisfying, no doubt, but it will almost certainly involve imbibing a fair amount of adult beverages. And the best way to start off the New Year is awake and alert, with a shareable amount of high-quality java. And though we’ve looked at lots of ways to prepare your cup or pot, from drip machines to single-cup solutions, one of our favorite methods is the classic French press.

Though glass models look nice, they are thermally leaky- basically, they get cold quickly. The Frieling Insulated Brushed Stainless Steel French Press (model 0131) is part of a their family of five, from the smallest eight ounce model to the largest one as tested, 44 ounces, about eight or nine cups of coffee. That’s enough to make sure your entire family gathering is well-caffeinated and ready to face the day- or enough to make sure a smaller group has refills. And, of course, it makes great tea too.

We actually took note of this one in the Consumer Reports gift guide, which lauded it’s double-walled construction that stays cool even while full, and it’s ability to retain heat for much longer than your traditional French press. That keeps the coffee fresh, longer. We liked the low-key, classy aesthetic, nice handle and spout, and the easy-to-clean mesh filter that’s definitely a little more precisely machined than competitors. It’s easier to clean, since it’s less delicate, and simpler to handle too.

Frieling, based in Charlotte, NC, is over 25 years old now and is quickly growing a name for themselves thanks in part to partnerships with European houseware companies like Woll, Black Cube, Küchenprofi, Zassenhaus and Spring. Their Insulated French Press is dishwasher safe, and you can opt for it in a polished finish if you prefer that style. Expect to spend around $124.95 in stores and online.

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