Revol Porcelain: Versatile Cookware That Feels Like Cast Iron

When you think about porcelain cookware, there are a couple of brands that stand out- ones that have been on shelves and kitchen tables for a long time and that you probably already know. But today’s manufacturer has been around since 1789, is based in France, and yet you might not know them. They have supplied many of the best restaurants and hotels in the world, and offer a pretty wide variety of lines, now available to consumers in the United States.

We’ve been trying out the Revol Belle Cuisine Collection, specifically a pair of their roasting dishes. This is heavy-duty, great-looking porcelain in white or black, that not only includes cast handles but also a cast iron style finish that is rust-proof and highly durable but much lighter than actual iron. With porcelain like this, you can go straight from baking in the oven to serving on the table, and it’s not only dishwasher and microwave safe, but also perfectly happy in the freezer and at temperatures up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Revol 24-ounce Roasting Dish is a cute, small but deep piece of cookware, perfect for making a cute personal-sized baked macaroni and cheese or a quick casserole. In slate, it cleans up easily and holds up well, and we found it easy to store. The enamel coating never flaked or chipped on us, and at $40, it’s easy to pick up a couple of them for instant class replacing that dirty Pyrex. Available now, online and in stores.

For a larger option, the Revol 2.7 quart Rectangular Roasting Dish looks a lot like the big brother. Even though ours was white, it never stained, and we trying roasting beets and other difficult foods. There’s plenty of capacity for a family, but if you need even more, you could opt for the still-larger 3.8 quart model. Plus, if you need different options, the Belle Cuisine collection also includes an interesting wok as well as a round “creme brulee” dish, plus unusual escargot and terrine solutions. Pricing varies, of course, but the large roasting dish we tried comes with a very reasonable $90 price tag- the perfect gift for a wedding or birthday present for the cook who wants to spruce up the kitchen with something that will last a long time.

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