BakerStone Pizza Oven: A New Way To Grill

You may have an amazing grill, but it’s still got limitations. And your home oven might be great, but it can’t get as hot as a decent grill. No matter the brand or model, you’ve probably tried to cook a wide variety of foods. But have you tried making a pizza? Cheese-topped pies cook best at really hot temperatures for fairly short times, allowing the crust to char in that special way that sets quality pizzerias  apart from the pack.

The BakerStone Pizza Oven Box tries to bring the qualities of a pizza stone to your backyard grill. It’s basically a big box that traps the heat, focusing it and turning just about any three-burner or larger gas grill into the ideal place for you to perfect your Margherita recipe. The enameled steel housing surrounds a stone chamber, which they claim “enhances the convective, conductive and radiant heat”- and as you might expect, that leads to a fair bit of bulk, about 27 pounds in total. That can make it a bit hard to store or setup, and you’ll want a sturdy grill!

Using the BakerStone is easy though- you first get your oven ready and then make sure you’ve pre-heated everything for 20 minutes. Pies can come out in just a few minutes and you can make several in a row, if your grill is capable of reaching high-enough temps. The thermometer on the top allows you to monitor, and there’s nothing electronic or complicated about the unit. If you want to cook things besides pizza, you absolutely can- in fact, cookies can turn out amazingly well, as can meats and veggies, and you just have to be careful and monitor them. We had some trouble with sticking, but using cornmeal helped.

Small or large (up to 14 or so inches), your pies will come out with great crusts. It may take some trial and error- the middle of the pies could come out a bit burned compared to the edges for our first couple of batches. Cleaning the BakerStone could be an issue too. But if you’ve ever wanted to make pizzas on the grill, and you already have a pretty serious grill, then this is the ideal way to improve your cooking (and eating) experience. The BakerStone Pizza Oven Box is available now, online and in stores, for around $125.

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