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    Published on October 8th, 2011 | by Ruth


    Sparkle Water With The Genesis Soda Stream

    In line with our re­cent­ly in­creased in­ter­est in spir­its, we were thrilled to try out the Gen­e­sis so­da stream- in­stant mix­ers of any type at your fin­ger­tips! Mak­ing wa­ter in­to so­da still kind of seems like mag­ic, event as an adult. You start with plain old wa­ter from the tap, and end up with some­thing sparkling and fes­tive.

    It was in­cred­i­bly sim­ple to put to­geth­er, and is easy to store. The 60-liter car­bon­a­tor fits nice­ly in­to a tube, then you get to for­get about it. Af­ter fill­ing the bot­tle with wa­ter, you screw it in, press the big but­ton on top a few times (un­til it makes a loud “buzz” sound that makes sev­er­al of us jump and squeak each time) and you have tasty car­bon­at­ed wa­ter. The bot­tles you fizz in are the same bot­tles you mix syrups in­to or screw the cap on­to for stor­age. The seal is great- it keeps the wa­ter or so­da fizzy well.

    We’ll ad­mit we used to be turned off by at-home so­da mak­ers be­cause the on­ly syrups read­i­ly avail­able were full of ar­ti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers, some­thing we have a taste-aver­sion to. Try­ing out the “Sparkling Nat­u­rals” line elim­i­nat­ed that is­sue- we tried the co­la, the root beer and the black cur­rant/pear- all de­li­cious. The root beer was es­pe­cial­ly sat­is­fy­ing. We al­so en­joyed the My Wa­ter Fla­vor­ing Essence. Just a cou­ple drops pep up the sparkling wa­ter even more. A cou­ple of our staff don’t mind di­et so­da tastes, and en­joyed the di­et pink grape­fruit. It’s a love­ly pink col­or and (ahem) would be good with tequi­la.

    A few of us were ini­tial­ly put off by the price tag- avail­able on ama­zon for about $100 for the most ba­sic ver­sion, ask­ing, “How much will we save on so­da?” Think, though, about all of the 2 liter bot­tles of so­da lan­guish­ing flat and most­ly full in your fridge. We al­so don’t have to wor­ry about hav­ing stuff on hand- just pull out the So­da Stream and spritz. It’s al­so in­creased the amount of wa­ter we drink, so we like to think of it as a health in­vest­ment. For ex­tra feel-good points, you reuse the bot­tles, so re­duce your car­bon foot­print. Al­so, it’s just fun. Rec­om­mend­ed, high­ly.

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