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    Published on August 17th, 2011 | by Ruth


    Waking Up Your Palette: Drinks With SF Chefs

    We pulled ourselves out of bed again for our second morning of cocktails with the SF Chefs weekend.  Unlike the day before, we managed to grab a bagel and cream cheese before getting there. Duggan McDonnell  (of Cantina) and H. Joseph Ehrmann (of Elixir) mixed up rounds of drinks for us, and provided all sorts of information on the breakfast cocktail during “Waking up Your Palette.” They bantered back and forth about drink history, correcting each other with wrong dates (off by 100 years or so) and sharing their extensive knowledge in an informal, conversational style. It was a little like a really intelligent cocktail edition of drunk history. 

    Duggan McDonnell started us off with a Brandy Milk Punch. This cocktail isn’t exactly easy on the eyes. The mousy-greyish-brown visual made both Greg and I hesitate before taking a sip. It turned out the be drinkable- enjoyable even, but neither of us would order it when left to our own devices. McDonnell pointed out how soothing it would be if you were hung-over. It still seemed like an old-person drink- and not in the hipster-to-be-old-fashioned way.

    They also mixed up and talked about Ramos Fizzes, Pisco Sours, and Flips. While it was fun to see them mixing, we were disappointed to not get to try the variety- unlike Gin Blossoms the day before, when we each got a small glass of each, they made a few full-size cocktails that were distributed to the random lucky few, while the rest of us used our imaginations. We are excited, though, to think about egg cocktails with brunch. It makes sense, but wasn’t a connection we made before. 

    The highlight of the morning was getting to drink Ehrmann’s Bloody Elixir. Wow. Now that’s a Bloody Mary. We’re excited to go check out his Vodka Salad Bar at Elixer for more spicy-tomato deliciousness. They sent us home with the recipe, so we’ll share it with you.

    Bloody Elixir

    1.5 oz Vodka of your choice

    4 shades each of Dill, White Pepper and Celery Salt

    2 dashes each of Worcestershire Sauce and Tabasco Sauce

    1 squeeze (approx. .5oz) of Elixir Juice (mixture of olive brine, dill pickle brine, pepperocini and various other pickling juices… you can use one of these or a blend. The blend should balance the salty olive, sweet pickle and hot pepper)

    squeeze one piece of Fresh Lemon

    2/3 bar spoon of Horseradish

    Fill with Tomato Juice

    Kosher Dill Pickle Spear

    Thick-cut, cooked Bacon slice

    Old Bay Seasoning

    In a mixing glass, add all ingredients and fill with ice. Shake lightly enough to mix the ingredients but not so much as to melt all ice and over-dilute the drink. Leave the Bloody in the large tin of a oston shaker, allowing the last drops to drain from the glass into the tin. Rim the pint glass with Old Bay Seasoning and pour the drink back into the glass. Garnish with a slice of Bacon and a Dill Pickle. Don’t use a straw, and drink from the rim in order to get a little of the rim with each sip. And eat your bacon, damnit.

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