Wusthof CLASSIC IKON Extra Wide: A Sharp Set

Two blades are almost always better than one- that much should be obvious, regardless of which room or purpose that you’re talking about. We don’t expect anyone to be dual-wielding today’s knives, since in the kitchen, it’s probably a good idea to focus on a single one. No matter what you’re cooking slicing, making or baking, you’ll want a variety of options for cutting. And we’ve got an ideal pairing, with two different sizes of tools to fit the appropriate circumstance.

The WÜSTHOF CLASSIC IKON Extra Wide Set is new for this year from one of the foremost cutlery companies in existence. It builds upon many of their previous models, keeping the CLASSIC IKON style that balances a modern look, smooth lines, ergonomic grip, and durable construction. The knives are precision-forged from a single blank of high carbon stain-free steel, razor sharp from heel to tip, perfectly balanced for precise control. WÜSTHOF has been around over 200 years now- they celebrated their bicentennial last year in fact as we’ve mentioned in previous coverage- and they still manufacture their gear in Solingen, Germany.

This set includes a 6-inch extra wide chef’s knife, perfect for slicing thicker slabs of meat and vegetables, as well as a 4-inch extra wide paring knife that’s made for peeling, trimming, handling garlic cloves and herbs. We’ve tried out WÜSTHOF chef’s knives in the past, and always found them well-balanced companions. This handle is made of a material called polyoxymethylene (POM)- which they claim can resist fading and discoloration over time- and the wider blades make for easier batching, allowing you to life and slide materials on and off. They’re a bit heavier as well, which is nice for chopping if perhaps a little harder for finer work. WÜSTHOF also brags about their Precision Edge Technology (called PEtec), which makes for a sharper edge (and tends to last a long time between sharpening sessions).

In fact, one of our favorite knives  in recent memory was the WÜSTHOF CLASSIC 9-inch Double Serrated Bread Knife, and we continue to rely on it to avoid crumbs when handling bread. This little set, though, is the perfect starter set, with easy matching across their CLASSIC IKON line if you need additional pieces. For those who want something sleeker, the GRAND PRIX II family might be the ticket, and there is a Professional line as well. But the CLASSIC IKON Extra Wide pair is a perfect gift package, with the two primary knives that anyone will need to begin a new collection. Available now, online and in stores, for around $199.99, and the basic CLASSIC set is a bit cheaper at $139.99.

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