Keurig Brews For One With the Mini-Brewer

I can appreciate a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, especially when it is fresh brewed, fast, and made for one without wasting a whole pot. I had the opportunity to experienced the Keurig Mini-Brewer firsthand, and was quite impressed with the taste and uncompromised quality that Keurig is known for. Keurig is no stranger to the TO office. For years now there has been a Keurig of one sort machine or another around, and everyone on staff has loved the convenience of the personal coffee.

My first experience with the mini-brewer happened early, as I was half-asleep, and was able to make my tea hassle-free. I appreciated just exactly how elemantary the whole process was at six in the morning. I opened the lid, inserted a K-cup and water, closed the lid, and after pressing a button, I had my morning tea. The machine was quiet and there was no loud gurgling as is the case with many coffeemakers. I didn’t have to worry about clean-up or handling filters and was indebted to this mini machine. I had the perfect cup (8 oz.) of my choice of coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate.

The mini-brewer is ideal for use at your own desk or personal space, and in three color choices of red, white or black, thereʻs a good chance youʻll even be able to match it to something around you. (We all want to feel like decorators once in a while.) I would definitely recommend this Mini-Brewer if you are the only one who drinks coffee in your household or have very limited counter space.

A note to those who plan on using this repeatedly for more than one office mate or group; purchase another model in the Keurig line-up. Each cup will take over 2 minutes and it is necessary to refill the water each time. The trade off for a machine that takes up next to no room is a very small water capacity, so don’t expect instantaneous results when you are planning on brewing repetitively. I don’t recommend this as your main coffeemaker if there is more than one of you. Instead, check out the Keurig Office Pro for making vast quantities for more than one person.

What I didn’t like was that I could only use Keurig’s K-Cups. Though there are over 70 to choice from, I was limited to their variety. A selection of ten K-cups comes included with the mini-brewer, and you can purchase refills. Keurig carries a lot of national brands such as Ghirardelli and Caribou to name a few, and as long as youÊ»re not concerned about not being able to assemble your own coffee or tea pod youÊ»ll likely find something that works for you.

You will be able to purchase from Amazon for around $80 and we could choose between black or white (red is available from Keurig directly).

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