Baking Baguettes With Emile Henry

Say it with us now: carbs are amazing. They might have gotten a bad rap in recent years, but few foods are quite as satisfying as a great loaf of bread. And even if you’re not a baker, bread is always better when fresh and warm. Sure, you could get a breadmaker- but they take up a lot of space, can be noisy and expensive, and typically leave you with slightly unattractive results.

The Emily Henry Baguette Baker is the ideal gift for anyone who loves bread but hasn’t- yet- found the pleasures in baking their own. And better yet, when they do, you’ll be able to snag some since it makes three shareable loaves. They aren’t the extra-long ones that you might remember from trips to Paris, but at more than 13 inches long and a pretty traditional 2+ inches wide, they’re perfect for footlong sandwiches. And with a bit of practice, simply following the included recipe and modifying to your taste, the results will satisfy even the most picky gluten gluttons.

Made in France from Burgundy clay, it’s surprisingly heavy- more than eight pounds! But that weight transforms your mild-mannered dough into some lovely, crunchy crustiness. The design of the pan helps trap steam from the during baking, key to getting the ideal exterior while keeping the inside nicely moist and chewable. Baking is an art, and takes some kneading, patience, and of course a little bit of butter to keep things from sticking.

Like other Emile Henry kitchenware that we’ve seen, this one feels like it’ll stand the test of time. Available in both black and red glazes, the Emile Henry Baguette Baker is available now online and in stores for around $130.

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