The iWavecube: A Portable Microwave

On the list of items that we want to take with us wherever we go, a microwave is pretty far down the list. No one can dispute their convenience- for making popcorn, for reheating leftovers, and making a quick frozen meal. But microwaves are usually heavy, definitely power hungry, and generally just too big and bulky to carry around.

Someone decided to solve this- the iWavecube microwave is a cute, twelve pound unit that comes with a windowed front and a nice solid, fold-down handle. Just big enough for a small plate, it won't be good for those who like to put in multiple items at a time- or even for a regular dinner plate. And at 600 watts, it isn't powerful enough to follow the basic instructions on some meals, which often are aimed at 1200 or 1500 watt models. But at about about a foot on each side, it can fit just about anywhere- even an RV or camper. And it takes less power than bigger units, which may mean a longer cooking time, but also less power draw. Need to reheat your coffee or soup? No problem.

We had some trouble with the controls- they are located on the top of the unit, which means that you can't easily place the microwave into a small space and not worry. You'll need to leave clearance to access the controls. Some automatic presets are available, and we tried popcorn at first, and were surprised- a regular bag fills up pretty much all of the interior space! The iWavecube comes with a rack- no fancy spinning glass trays here- and is fairly easy to clean. We wouldn't recommend it to those who aren't in desperate need of saving either every inch or traveling with one, as there are lots of compromises here and inexpensive microwaves are now plentiful. But it's a nifty concept, and pretty nice looking in three colors, silver, black, or white. $99, available online.

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