Rep Your City The Local Way With SOLA Glassware

Who doesn’t love souvenirs?  For those of us who island hop for Spring Break or jet set to warmer climes during the winter months, we’re generally overloaded by the abundance of merchandise advertizing the destination we’ve chosen to visit. And once those mementos make it home in our carry-on baggage, they join our homes and remind us of those destinations year round. But disappointingly, in the cities we choose to live in, we have no such selection. If we want to love on our own city, we get to pick from a shelf of bland ‘I heart NY’ mugs? Not anymore.

From the tourist mecca on the West Coast, Sisters of Los Angeles brings their product development expertize to the gift market.  Designed by celebrated architect Barbara Bestor, product development specialist Karen Alweil, and marketing expert Sara Stein, these ‘sisters’ give us a modern memorabilia collection that reflects the best of what the City of Los Angeles has to offer. Advertising the beaches and canyons you love such as Venice, Sunset and Runyon, their pop art glassware and apparel spices up the variety of gift items on the market.

And New Yorkers, do not despair!  SoLA has gone bi-coastal with the debut of their New York series featuring each of the Boroughs.  Check out the selection of vivid colored tumblers advertizing Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan and the Bronx and join the party! These 11 oz festive glass tumblers come in genius color combinations that serve to really rep your borough. Each glass, printed with organic inks, tells a pictorial story of what is so uniquely special about each borough. Brooklyn features the iconic Brooklyn bridge tucked between row houses while Manhattan is coated in skyscrapers but leaves room for a patch of green: Central Park!

Grab the six-piece Borough set (includes an extra glass for New York) and forever be able to tell your glass apart from your friends at a party. For just $66, you can’t afford not to. Or choose a four-piece of your choice borough for just $44.  Available online, the collection also includes city-branded iPhone cases, mugs, and playing cards.  The opportunities are endless now that there is an option for locals. Note that you do have to hand wash these tumblers- we stuck one in the dishwasher, and were unfortunately treated a peeling glass.

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