Oliso Pro-1000 VS95A: A Smart Vacuum Sealer

This time of year is leftover season- when the big meals inevitably prove to be too much for the appetites around the table and all of the turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes need to be stored away safely for the next lunch (and dinner and then lunch again, if your family is anything like ours). And there are few better ways to keep your leftovers tasty than vacuum packing them. While re-sealable plastic bags and Tupperware can help, they tend to take up a lot of space and keep enough air inside for your food to slowly rot.

There’s a solution though: the Oliso Pro-1000 VS95A Vacuum Sealer. Like similar models on the market, it’s as simple to use as placing your food in a plastic bag, zipping it itght, placing the bag inside the sealer, providing power, and pressing a button. The Pro-1000 is commercial-quality, with dual motors and plenty of power. And there’s even a port that allows you to connect the included Flexi Tube for use with jars (ideal for those who want a canning solution). Each bag has several little circles, each of which can be used once, as the machine punctures a hole, vacuums out the air, and then heat seals the spot. And there’s an included disk to make sure your seal is tight (and that’s pretty important).

Unlike most competitors, this one offers Moist or Dry settings, ideal for sous vide use, capable of sealing liquids without damaging the unit. We tested some sous vide salmon, and the Oliso Pro-1000 made sealing up our bags quick and easy. The bags themselves are BPA-free, reusable, and washable, for use up to 10 times. Included in the package are three quart-size Frisper Bags, and two gallon-size bags, plus a special bag made specifically for use with olive oil and wine bottles. The system is based around custom bags, and you may have tried other systems with bags that were a bit weak. Not these- they held up to some serious use and re-use and were reassuringly double-sealed for both freshness and protection. It’s important to note that you do need to use Oliso bags though.

The Oliso Pro-1000 is fairly compact, a bit taller than you might expect but less wide. It looks great, and the controls are simple, including a stop button that allows you to protect fragile foods from damage. Now you can save your foods up to five times longer than without vacuum sealing, and do it without having to worry about single-use bags. Available now, online and in stores, expect to spend around $150.

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