Old Mountain Cast Iron: Skip It

When you’re looking for cookware, you have lots of possibilities these days. There are more brands and materials than ever, with non-stick surfaces and unusual styles and colors. But if you’re looking for old school, solid, hefty cookware, you can’t go wrong with cast iron. It isn’t perfect for everyone- it’s heavy and doesn’t clean as easily as much cookware, and isn’t as pretty as copper. But that’s part of the point, and a good part of the charm. It stays warm, and heats evenly, and is very sturdy.

Cast iron cookware is also one type that we actually manufacture in the United States, thanks to Lodge. We’ve tried out lots of their products before, but today wanted to turn to another producer, Old Mountain. Despite the name, it appears that the production is in China, but we still wanted to give it a fair shake. And they have a long line of classic items, from skillets to dutch ovens. We tried the Old Mountain Two Quart Sauce Pan w/ Lid, which is helpfully pre-seasoned.

The long handle is nicely textured and offers plenty of space to grab without getting too close to the flame, and there is a nice lip for pouring- perfect for soups, like chili. The heft was there, and the lid fit nicely and tightly. But the pan seemed to be a little uneven while heating though, and a bit thinner than some other similar pots we’ve seen.  Plus, the lid’s knob wasn’t part of the lid, as with most cast iron cookware- instead it was screwed on, a sign of cheapness.

On one hand, it’s a decent pan, especially for $34. On the other hand, you can get a Lodge Cast Iron pan for not much more, and they make enameled versions that are prettier, in a variety of colors.

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