Le Creuset’s Signature Braiser: Five Quarts Of Cast Iron Goodness

Brais­ing is one of those tasks that most home chefs won’t do all that of­ten. But, when you do, it can be pret­ty frus­trat­ing if you’re stuck with a bunch of av­er­age pots and pans. Sure, you can make do with a large pot, but it just won’t work very well. Brais­ing re­quires some space, es­pe­cial­ly since you’re prob­a­bly go­ing to be work­ing with a pret­ty large quan­ti­ty of meats and veg­eta­bles. You want even cook­ing, some­thing oven safe, and pret­ty big han­dles to al­low you to ac­tu­al­ly get a se­cure grip on the pan.

Thank­ful­ly, the Le Creuset Sig­na­ture 5 Quart Brais­er meets all of those cri­te­ria, and even bet­ter, comes in a va­ri­ety of nice col­ors. Ours was cher­ry red, but their en­tire palette is avail­able, in­clud­ing fen­nel, the clas­sic flame, cas­sis, in­di­go, di­jon, and a love­ly shade of blue that they call Mar­seille. As al­ways, their cast iron is ex­cel­lent- the ex­te­ri­or enam­el coat­ing is chip-re­sis­tant, and the in­te­ri­or is a nice shade that al­lows you to eas­i­ly check on your food as it cooks. We’ve checked out gifts large and small, and keep in mind that their ex­cel­lence goes be­yond cast iron, as we al­so rec­om­mend their stain­less steel cook­ware.

We loved that the pan was dish­wash­er safe, and works with any cook­ing sur­face- elec­tric, gas, as well as in­duc­tion. Made in France, Le Creuset is al­ways a bit spendy, but in our ex­pe­ri­ence, out­lasts oth­er brands and is worth the price. And it al­ways looks classy- even the new black com­pos­ite knob adds a touch of moder­ni­ty to a clas­sic de­sign. Not ev­ery­one will need a brais­er, and per­haps not one this large, which is why oth­er sizes are avail­able as well. Some have asked about the Sig­na­ture la­bel, which is a col­lec­tion with a few ex­tra de­tails, like tighter-fit­ting lids and large han­dles, as well as eas­i­er-to-clean in­te­ri­or enam­el. We love this pan, and now just need to find more things to braise! Avail­able on­line and in stores for around $280.

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