Enjoy Your Own Private Wine Cellar With Cuisinart

Have you ever looked inside your refrigerator and realized that the bulk of the items inside were wine bottles? We have. They can take up a lot of space, and what’s more, need different temperatures that your vegetables and milk. Separation is optimal, especially if you want your reds kept at a more reasonable temperature than that of your kitchen. Wine can be sensitive, and keeping it near lights and heat can damage it.

That’s where the Cuisinart 8-Bottle Private Reserve Wine Cellar comes in handy. It’s the perfect size to keep your favorite Pinot Gris or Chardonnay bottles handle, without taking up too much space. Simply use the electronic touchpad to set your desired sweet spot, and this small custom refrigerator will keep to that temperature without much variance. We found it fairly accurate, and stable, far superior to a larger fridge that can swing wildly from area to area and is hard to keep at the right temp.

The stainless steel construction is nice, though the hinges are raised up above the unit. Interior lighting is a nice touch, and the racks are removable and designed to fit 750mL bottles. We had some trouble with a few whites that were too large to fit, and this one won’t easily champagne without some rack removal. But it’s not too loud, and it looks great with most decor. We set it up in minutes, and had a bottle of wine chilled within a few hours, and it kept to our desired 50 degrees every time we checked with an outside thermometer.

You can’t expect the world though- if your room or the surrounding temperature are fairly warm, this unit can only do so much. It can chill about 22 degrees off, but not much more. If you live in a hot climate where your cellar is likely to be in an 80-degree environment, you might want a wine chiller with more power. For the price, though, it’s hard to ask for more. The Cuisinart Private Reserve Wine Cellars are available in a few sizes, including 16 and 32 bottles as well as a dual-temp model, with the eight bottle version running around $160 in stores and online. A great gift for Dad this weekend, and a lovely addition to any wine lover’s kitchen.

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