Christmas Cutlery: Global G-2 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Whether you're at home for the holidays or making your own traditions, you'll probably be spending some time in the kitchen. We plan on cooking up some Christmas favorites, and there's nothing like the big festival meal to show off some new tools, especially ones that are sharp and to the point. We've been testing out three knives recently and will cover each of them in turn.

The Global G-2 8-inch Chef's Knife makes a strong first impression. It appears almost alien, with no separate handle or wooden elements, made from molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel. Dimples on the handle provide a stark contrast to the smooth metal, and the knife is extremely lightweight, maybe 20% less than many other blades of the same size. They're also extremely sharp, with a very fine edge that is perfect for thin slicing and vegetable dicing.

We loved the balance on this one, though the lack of weight took some getting used to, and made at least one critic a little frustrated. "Best for those with smaller hands" was the consensus, and the handles are ergonomic but still a bit slippery if they get wet.

Despite the all-metal construction, they still recommend that you hand wash the blade to protect the edge. The same line covers a variety of the typical styles, from bread to boning knives as well as other sizes of your basic chef's knife, and they do look great on a magnetic rack. Great for the price, we'd recommend this one for those who like to display their knives and want something a little different. Available now, online and in stores, for just under $120.

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