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    Published on May 17th, 2012 | by Greg


    Keurig Vue: An Evolution In Single Cup Brewing

    We’ve been fan of K-cups for a very long time, and so it was with a mea­sure of both ex­cite­ment and sad­ness that we at­tend­ed the launch event for Keurig’s new sys­tem. A com­plete over­haul of their sin­gle-cup brew­ing line, the new mod­els are in­com­pat­i­ble with the K-cups we know and love, and the new cups are odd­ly short and stout. We had been hear­ing ru­mors for a while, and cer­tain­ly rec­og­nize the needs: the new sys­tem ad­dress­es some of our biggest com­plaints, by al­low­ing you to re­cy­cle one part of the cup and com­post the oth­er, it re­moves or great­ly re­duces the waste im­pact. And the new sizes and ma­chine of­fer ad­di­tion­al op­tions, with room for more cof­fee grounds in each of the ‘packs’ to make stronger brews, and more con­trol over tem­per­a­ture and even pres­sure.

    Changes can be scary though, and our first ex­pe­ri­ences with the new Keurig Vue sys­tem weren’t com­plete­ly re­as­sur­ing. Part of this may be our bi­as­es- we’ve grown quite fond of the cof­fee va­ri­eties avail­able in the K-cup for­mat, many of which are not yet avail­able in Vue packs. Cost is a fac­tor as well- our fa­vorite K-cup box­es are less ex­pen­sive by a sig­nif­i­cant mar­gin than Vue packs, and the ma­chines them­selves dif­fer great­ly in price (the on­ly cur­rent­ly avail­able Vue brew­er runs $225, ver­sus the in­ex­pen­sive Mr. Cof­fee per­son­al mod­el we re­viewed, with lim­it­ed op­tions but quite de­cent re­sults at around $70). There is cur­rent­ly no reusable fil­ter for the Vue sys­tem, ei­ther.

    Clear­ly, Keurig set out to make a top-of-the-line brew­er. It of­fers eight dif­fer­ent brew sizes, has a de­cent­ly-sized col­or touch­screen that works pret­ty well, and the wa­ter reser­voir is plen­ty large at 74 ounces. It looks sleek, black and met­al ac­cents, and is pret­ty sim­ple to use for those who are fa­mil­iar with sim­i­lar cof­fee mak­ers. Brew times are longer than pre­vi­ous ma­chines and seemed quite a bit nois­i­er- ap­par­ent­ly, it wets the grounds be­fore brew­ing, which can cre­ate bet­ter re­sults but does add some time to the pro­cess. We al­so no­ticed that many of our trav­el mugs would not fit where they need to go- which is a pret­ty big prob­lem for those who want to grab and head out the door. Reg­u­lar cof­fee mugs work just fine, of course.

    We al­so have mixed feel­ings about the new Vue packs. It’s great to be able to avoid trash­ing them. But you have to peel away a lay­er to sep­a­rate the com­po­nents, and it’s fid­dly even when the pack­age is cool. Right af­ter brew­ing, when you’re like­ly to ac­tu­al­ly want to dis­pose of them, they’re hot and this makes it more dif­fi­cult. In ad­di­tion, de­spite the new Trav­el Mug sized packs, it was still  not pos­si­ble to get a strong brew for an 18 ounce or larg­er cup of cof­fee. These larg­er packs do in­clude more grounds, but not enough to cre­ate good re­sults for cup sizes be­yond, say, 12 ounces.

    We al­so checked out the Vue Pack Carousel, a handy ac­ces­so­ry for any­one who gets the ma­chines (or gifts one)- it serves as a handy, at­trac­tive place to store and dis­play the cups. Un­der-unit mod­els are like­ly to come, but we haven’t seen any yet. Avail­able now for around $30. Cof­fee va­ri­eties, as men­tioned, are still lim­it­ed, but a 10-pack sam­ple is in­clud­ed in the unit’s box to get you start­ed. We’re fond of the Green Moun­tain Break­fast Blend and the Barista Pri­ma Ital­ian Roast, avail­able sep­a­rate­ly for around $11 for a 12-pack.

    In our of­fice, the Keurig K-cup Plat­inum Brew­er con­tin­ues to sit along­side the Vue, and most folks seem to pre­fer the old­er sib­ling. The re­sults are con­sis­tent­ly good, and the cof­fee se­lec­tion is wider, plus we can al­ways throw in the fil­ter bas­ket and use our own grounds. There are some great changes and up­grades in the Vue, and we def­i­nite­ly ap­pre­ci­ate the com­mit­ment to en­vi­ron­men­tal friend­li­ness and ad­di­tion­al cus­tomiza­tion in brew­ing op­tions. We’ll def­i­nite­ly give the Vue some time to find the way in­to our hearts, and in the mean­time, there’s a new and in­ter­est­ing sin­gle-cup brew­ing sys­tem on the mar­ket that is cer­tain­ly worth a care­ful look! In stores now.

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