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    Keep Leftovers Fresh With The FoodSaver V3840

    For those peo­ple who hate to throw away left­overs or those who like to keep food­stuffs in the freez­er till freez­er burn oc­curs, the Food­Saver V3840 is a very wel­come ad­di­tion to a kitchen counter. The de­vice helps to pre­vent freez­er burn and keeps food frsh by re­mov­ing the air in the bags and then heat­seal­ing the bag. You can then place the goods in your freez­er. A small caveat that we felt need­ed to be placed – the re­moval of the air and the heat seal­ing with­out re­frig­er­a­tion or freez­ing doesn’t pre­vent the food from spoil­ing. The food still needs to be frozen or re­frig­er­at­ed to pre­vent spoilage. Breads and crack­ers and such, though, last much longer when vac­u­um packed, even out of the freez­er.

    Since we are peo­ple who like to read the in­struc­tion man­u­al, we didn’t find the learn­ing curve of the Food­Saver too cum­ber­some, al­though that would have been a dif­fer­ent sto­ry if we hadn’t. Op­er­a­tion isn’t im­me­di­ate­ly ob­vi­ous with­out it, be­cause there are no but­tons! In­stead, you just place the food you want to vac­u­um seal in­to one of the six quart-sized heat seal bags pro­vid­ed and place the bag in­to the ma­chine. The ma­chine de­tects the bag and im­me­di­ate­ly starts vac­u­um­ing, then seals – us­ing one of two seal­ing modes you se­lect. Af­ter the air is evac­u­at­ed and the bag shut, it au­to­mat­i­cal­ly shuts off. There is al­so a progress dis­play which shows you when vac­u­um­ing is com­plete, which was a fea­ture we loved. Hands free op­er­a­tion means less mess and fuss.

    The Food­Saver comes with a nice va­ri­ety of fea­tures, of which our fa­vorite was the liq­uid de­tec­tion sys­tem which sens­es the amount of mois­ture in the foods and changes the lev­el of the seal caus­ing a re­duc­tion in the mess made. It’s much more ef­fec­tive than the ma­chines we re­mem­bered from our child­hoods.

    Some of the oth­er fea­tures are speed con­trol, Crush­Free In­stant Seal to pro­tect del­i­cate food, mar­i­nate mode to in­fuse foods with fla­vors, and even a built-in roll han­dler and cut­ter to cre­ate cus­tom bags for your needs. The de­vice al­so comes with an ac­ces­so­ry port which al­lows vac­u­um pack­ag­ing with Food­Saver can­is­ters, lids and bot­tle stop­pers. We most def­i­nite­ly liked all the ex­tra fea­tures of the Food­Saver but felt them to be a lit­tle un­nec­es­sary for the needs of an av­er­age home.

    Our main dis­like of the Food­Saver was not just that there were not enough bags pro­vid­ed (10 to­tal) but al­so that the bags are ex­pen­sive, with 48 quart bags cost­ing around $20.99. The bags can be found for cheap­er on Ama­zon al­though the rolls seem to be more cost-ef­fec­tive (two rolls are in­clud­ed in the box as well). Over time, though, your sav­ings can add up- we left a few bags of chips out and a cou­ple of loaves of bread out for on­ly a day and they im­me­di­ate­ly went bad. Sealed, they last­ed in­def­i­nite­ly, and you can re­seal bags mak­ing it worth­while even for small quantities.The stain­less steel look goes nice­ly in most kitchens, and a one year lim­it­ed war­ran­ty helps, er, seal the deal.

    They of­fer a va­ri­ety of mod­els, should this one be a bit too much for your needs. The Food­Saver V3840 can be found on the in­ter­net for around $175.

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