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    Published on November 21st, 2009 | by Greg


    Kitchenware Worth Bragging About

    Invariably when you cook a really good meal someone wants to come into the kitchen to see what you’ve done, what you’re using and how you did it. The best thing about creating a really great meal is hearing the sounds of satisfaction as those you’re serving to enjoy the meal, and the second best thing is when you can brag about how awesome your kitchen is. We can’t make you better cooks here, but we can certainly help you create a kitchen that is worth bragging over.

    New West Knifeworks has plenty to brag about. Recently we gave the Super Bread Knife a try. Before we go into the functionality of this knife you should know that it’s definitely a conversation piece. When it’s out in the kitchen it’s the first thing people go to pick up.

    Both the blade and the handle are unique, and the combined effect is quite dramatic. The handle is made of Fusionwood, which is created from select hardwood veneers that are impregnated with dyes and engineering-grade phenolic resins, resulting in layers of beautiful color-fast wood. The blade has waves instead of teeth for the serration which makes it possible to sharpen it back to a super sharp blade with a steel or stone. Correy Milligan, the founder of New West Knife Works recently took the Super Bread Knife to a competition in Atlanta, where it was put to the test over several knives including our own Bob Kramer Kai Shun Knife. The Super Bread Knife beat out the Bob Kramer knife as well as all of the other knives. The Super Bread Knife won the contest hands down. We couldn’t be happier about it! We absolutely love the utilitarian nature of this knife, it really can be used almost instead of a chef’s knife. It doesn’t do garlic the way the Phoenix 9 would, but close. As with most of the knives we discuss this knife does much better if you wash it with warm water and mild soap, dry it right away and return it to it’s leather sheath. Currently New West has a sale on their big knives for Thanksgiving 2009, you can save 20% off of the Super Bread as well as the Phoenix 8 and Phoenix 9. The bread knife will cost $143, which is down from the normal $180 (or is available at regular price from Amazon). It would make a lovely addition to your favorite foodie’s knife collection!

    Swiss Diamond has created a non-stick pan that uses nano-composite coating to fuse diamond particles over a Aluminum Cast pan. They are utilizing a process that creates PTFE (the main component in DuPont Teflon) without any PFOA. There has been some speculation about aluminum pans recently, with links to such diseases as Alzhiemers. However, due to the hardness and thickness of the Swiss Diamond the diamond crystals and nano-composite coating prevent the food from ever being in contact with the aluminum. These pans are temperature safe up to 260 Celcious, though it’s not recommended you go any higher than that, to prevent undue wear on the pan. We tried their 11-inch fry pan, a nice good size for three or four people, perhaps a bit much for just two. The extra room is great though for pancakes and omelets and the like. Of course, they offer a wide variety of sizes and varieties.

    All Swiss Diamond assortments are temperature safe to 260 degrees C (roughly 500 degrees F), can be cleaned in a dishwasher, though hand washing is recommended. We loved that we could cook on non-stick cookware and be reasonably sure we weren’t giving ourselves cancer, not to mention that the non-stick coating was both very nice, and durable (no flaking or changes after a dozen or so uses and rough handling). These pans come in a regular line and an induction line has also been introduced- if you have an induction cooker at home make sure you’re ordering the right pan. Diamonds have the best thermal conductivity of all materials and have intrinsic non-stick and self release properties. The person who receives one of these from you will absolutely be getting a gift worth bragging about. You can find the Swiss Diamond Pan directly from Switzerland where they are made, for around $90, or on Amazon for the same (without lid, the lid will add about $30).

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