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    Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer

    You know what the worst part of going through security in an airport is? Having to take off your shoes? Having to unload your pockets of change, wallet, phone, lint and rogue cough-drops? Being forced to unpack your carry-on so that your laptop, camera, iPod, Nintendo DS and other travel necessities are strewn across several bins? All of it? Yeah, pretty much all of it. While airport security is absolutely needed, and quite under-appreciated, there is very little that is easy about the whole process.

    The fine folks at Tom Bihn are seeking to make your trip through the airport a little easier. The Checkpoint Flyer is a TSA-friendly carry-on bag, constructed in a way that allows laptop to go through security without having to be unpacked. The bag is arranged much like a tri-fold wallet. With two easy clicks your bag can be opened to lay flat, giving the person monitoring the x-ray unit a clear view of your laptop, making it unnecessary to take it out of the bag.

    Tom Bihn bags are made of high-quality U.S. 1050 denier ballistic nylon and 500 denier Cordura nylon. The laptop case is constructed of f 8mm-thick thermo-molded closed cell foam, and have #8 YKK® Uretech® splash-proof zipper, that work well to keep the contents of your bag dry. (While this seems unimportant, we learned the hard way that a good water-resistant bag with a tight-seal zipper is essential if one lives in a city like Seattle in the winter. Heavy rains and freak snow-storms shut down the buses, leaving one standing on the sidewalk with no way home, all the while getting precipitated on. Thankfully all of our electronic equipment stayed perfectly dry, despite being out in the rain and snow for over two hours!)

    The Checkpoint Flyer, which costs $220 is actually the first TSA-friendly bag designed specifically with a Mac laptop in mind. It works well for non-Mac computers, of course, but are designed to fit the 13”, 15.4” and 17” MacBook Pro laptops perfectly. The bag also has 10 pockets all with easy access to store things like chargers and snacks. There is enough room in the briefcase portion of the bag for a change of clothes if you wish. We recommend getting the Absolute Shoulder Strap ($30), and the Freudian Slip ($35) for your bag, as both have proved to be invaluable additions to the bag for us.

    If you travel frequently, especially those short business trips, this bag is well worth the investment.

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