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    Elementary Cooking: Fe and Cu and more!

    Hey, you know what we haven’t talked about in a while? Kitchen stuff! Alright, alright, so maybe we have, but honestly, with as many food lovers as we have on staff here it’s nearly impossible not to talk about food or kitchen goodies often. You may recall that we’ve looked at Lodge and Mauviel before, and they’re good enough that we’re excited to discuss them again today, along with a new name that we hope you’ll like as much as we do.

    From Lodge we have two separate pans, both are Signature Series 12” skillets, one has a regular bottom and one is a grill pan, meaning it has bars on the floor of the pan that will create lovely “grill marks” on whatever you happen to be grilling. We like the plain skillet for everyday use and the grill pan for doing meats and veggies. Now that cooler weather is setting in we’re definitely on the lookout for ways to bring grilling indoors for a few months. Both pans have stainless steel handles that are riveted to the pan body, and stay cool to the touch, even over high heat. Use caution when cleaning these pans, iron does rust, and if you leave either of these setting in water for too long they will rust, we recommend washing them and towel drying. Lodge makes some of the nicest cast iron kitchenware we’ve had the pleasure of using. Like the casserole from Lodge that we looked at earlier this year both of these pans arrive seasoned, which is a really nice perk. One of the things that can be frustrating about cast-iron is the amount of time it takes to season a pan, eliminating that step makes using these cast-iron pans quite pleasant. We strive to feature companies that have an ecological conscience, and part of the reason we keep returning to Lodge is their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. You can find either of these pans directly from Lodge, the 12-inch Signature Skillet, and the 12-inch Signature Grill Pan will run between $80-105.

    Emile Henry may not be a newcomer to kitchens but this was our first experience with them. The Flame line of cookware is some of the most versatile we’ve ever encountered. It seems like there is very little that can be done to this pan that would harm it, including dropping it on the floor. Made out of a type of ceramic that is extremely durable and heat tolerant it’s possible to use this pan on every type of cooking surface: gas, electric, halogen, and with Emile Henry’s special induction disk, it can even be used with induction stove tops; as well as an open flame like a campfire. It’s 30% lighter than cast-iron, so taking it on a camping trip isn’t even out of the question, unless you’re backpacking in and out. It’s also microwave safe since there’s no metal, and dishwasher safe due to the glaze on it. It has a three-year warranty, so if you can imagine a way to damage or destroy this pan that we didn’t think of they will cover it. This is definitely a pan worth having in your cooking arsenal. Available directly from Emile Henry or from online retailers like Sur La Table or Amazon for around $165.

    On to Mauviel, and the pans that are arguably our all-time favorite kitchen items (our KitchenAid notwithstanding). This time around we tried out the stunning M’heritage 18cm saucepan with a lid. We want to be very clear, these pans are in a different league than most of the cookware we review, both in performance and in price. This is the kind of pan we would expect to see in kitchens of the likes of Thomas Keller, Ferran Adrià or Heston Blumenthal. Made out of 2.5 mm thick stainless steel, clad in a highly polished copper and sporting a hefty varnished cast iron handle that is riveted to the body, it’s sure to take your breath away. Copper tarnishes, so if you’re interested in keeping your pan with a high shine you’ll want to use a copper cleaner on the outside, and mild soap and water are all that are needed to clean the stainless interior. It’s not necessary to scour the interior at all. We like things simple, and don’t mind the patina on our copper, so we opt to just use soap and water on our pans. Stainless steel is non-reactive, so even your most acidic foods will do fine in these pans. We’ve put ours through a dishwasher, and it didn’t harm the pan, but we recommend hand-washing it and drying it with a soft towel as the harsh chemicals in dishwasher soap are sure to damage the pan over the long-term. Above all else though, enjoy your cookware! Have fun in the kitchen and eat well! You can find the M’heritage 18cm Saucepan online through retailers like Sur La Table, as well as in many kitchen specialty stores. It retails for between $280 and $340. Pricey, sure, but this is a saucepan meant to be an heirloom, and a fantastic gift.

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