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    Published on November 26th, 2009 | by Greg


    Stuff those Stockings with Chef’N

    Not everything that’s great in a kitchen has to be expensive. There are a ton of really functional items that are very inexpensive (read: great stocking stuffers) and make any job in the kitchen a much more pleasant experience. Earlier this year we looked at a whole bunch of very reasonably priced and fun-to-use kitchen gadgets, and we’d like to add to those today.

    The Nesting Bowls from Chef’N come in quite handy for just about anything you might use a bowl for. They come as a set of three in 2, 3 and 4 quart sizes and are sufficiently festive in their colors. The back of the bowl has a slight lip opposite the pour spout, making them a batter bowl of sorts. Each bowl has a rubber grip on the bottom, helping them to stay in place under most circumstances; the only time we needed help holding them still was when tempering eggs into a thicker batter. The stacking is great for small kitchens, more bowls in less space is always a good thing. Get ‘em from Amazon for $14.99.

    The Dual Grater Dual Cheese Grater is another space saver, utilizing each side of the grater for a different gauge. Most graters that have more than one size tend to be square, or some shape other than flat, which takes up room. This grater has the big holes on one side and the small holes on the other. At first glance we weren’t sure if it would present a logistical issue when cleaning, but the reality is that each side can be cleaned quite easily and completely without any problems at all. If you aren’t comfortable scrubbing a grater by hand this (and everything we’re looking at today) is dishwasher safe. We keep ours in a drawer with our knives, but it could be hung on a hook just as easily, both the orange ring and the feet are a nice grippy rubber. $9.95 on Amazon.

    If there was a list of things in our kitchen we’d be unwilling to surrender it would include things like our Mauviel pan, our favorite knives and these tongs. The Tongo 12-inch Tongs are almost an extension of our very being in the kitchen. Having these tongs is like having the ability to stick your hand into very hot places, which of course we would never ever recommend you do. Heat resistant up to 650 degrees Farenheit, we haven’t come up with a situation yet where these tongs can not be used. We even use them to move white-hot coals around in the grill. The silicone on the end makes them just as useful for very delicate situations. Be careful not to pinch your hand in the self-lock mechanism, it’s the only hazard that we encountered with these amazing tongs. We just haven’t been able to find any other tongs that even come close to being as great as these tongs. Worth every penny of the $14.99 they cost on Amazon.

    Because whether or not we like it cleaning is a part of being in the kitchen we figured we should look at some cleaning supplies to augment all of our mess-making implements. The Chef’n CleanGenuity Sudster Sponge Station with Soap Dispenser is a great docking station for your sponge. Get your soap bottle off the sink edge while you’re at it. This handy holder is also a soap dispenser. We found our sponge dried out faster when put in a holder, which meant it took longer for it to be time to be thrown out. The only drawback is that it can be knocked over easily, thankfully the soap doesn’t run out when it does get knocked over. So, set it in a low traffic area and enjoy having your sponge clean and dry when it’s time to use it. Find it on Amazon for $12.99.

    The concept of the CleanGenuity Sudster Drinkware Scrubber with Soap Dispenser is perhaps better than it’s execution. The idea with this sponge is that much like a bottle brush the sponge molds to the shape of the inside of glass to clean all of the sides and bottom without having to put your hand in a glass at all. We found that it worked very well for round bottom glasses like wine glasses, but just aren’t quite sturdy enough to get sticky juice out of a square bottom juice glass. (The moral of this story may be to wash our glasses before juice dries, but that’s a different story.) The handle of this scrubber is also a dispenser. Good for fast jobs and delicate glasses, we’d recommend this to any person who often has wine glasses to clean. $11.95 on Amazon.

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