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    Published on July 11th, 2012 | by Kira


    Simplehuman: A Clean and Organized Way To Run A Kitchen

    Okay, I am just go­ing to come out and say it: I am a germa­phobe. I have ac­cept­ed this, moved on, and found ways to make my life eas­i­er. It doesn’t help that I use to work in a lab that con­stant­ly re­mind­ed me of con­tam­i­nants. The up­side of this is that, in day-to-day life, I am very care­ful about what I touch. I love it when pub­lic wash­rooms have au­to­mat­ed faucets and tow­el dis­pensers.

    So, any prod­uct that can help me keep my space clean and germ free is def­i­nite­ly ap­peal­ing. The sim­ple­hu­man ST2002 rect­an­gu­lar sen­sor re­cy­cler (48L, steel lid) is a great prod­uct for this rea­son, among oth­ers. The rect­an­gu­lar sen­sor re­cy­cler is a com­bi­na­tion be­tween a trash­can and a re­cy­cling bin. As a wom­an with a small kitchen and for any­one with a Man­hat­tan apart­ment, try­ing to fig­ure out the best way to dis­pose of trash and re­cy­cling with­out tak­ing up heaps of space is a chal­lenge. This bin can hold up to a week of my trash and re­cy­cling, and it has a built-in ‘odor­sorb’ fil­ter to help with any smells.

    The cool part about this bin is that the lid opens au­to­mat­i­cal­ly with­out re­quir­ing you to touch any­thing or mess with a foot ped­al. Few­er germs! Un­like most au­to­mat­ic trash cans, this one is built with a smart sen­sor (the mul­ti-sense), which makes the can more in­tel­li­gent­ly re­spon­sive to its users. You have to place your hand above the lid to ac­ti­vate it. This is nice be­cause your trash bin will not be open­ing and clos­ing ev­ery time some­one walks by, which can get old very quick­ly in a busy kitchen. It does mean that you have to take the ex­tra ef­fort of putting your hand above the can for a mo­ment though. The lid is al­so smart enough to know if you are us­ing the can for more than just a quick drop off and switch­es to be­ing open for 30 sec­onds, which is nice for a big­ger clean up and chang­ing out the bags.

    Over­all, very smart, but pret­ty ex­pen­sive, at $250. This is clear­ly a lux­u­ry item, well-made and in­cred­i­bly durable. It’s al­so easy to clean, un­like some com­peti­tors with sur­faces which start look­ing a bit dingy al­most im­me­di­ate­ly. sim­ple­hu­man al­so of­fers a com­plete line of oth­er prod­ucts, for bath­room and home, and they are avail­able wide­ly. There aren’t a lot of col­or op­tions, but they cov­er just about ev­ery area in your house.

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