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    Published on June 25th, 2012 | by Kira


    NewMetro Design’s JuiceLab: Jump Start Your Day

    Sat­ur­day morn­ings were al­ways my fa­vorite grow­ing up. Not for the nor­mal rea­sons, like be­ing off from school or car­toons, but be­cause it meant I would wake up to the smells of an ex­trav­a­gant break­fast waft­ing up in­to my bed­room. Even I can­not sleep through that. The first thing I would be greet­ed with, and prob­a­bly why I have trou­ble in the morn­ing now with­out it, was fresh­ly squeezed or­ange juice. My broth­er and I would each get our own or­ange. It was not a lot, but it meant the day had be­gun.

    I most­ly buy car­ton or­ange juice now, but I of­ten miss the plea­sure of a fresh squeezed or­ange, which was the first thing I en­joyed when I got my hands on the NewMetro De­sign Juice­Lab. This juicer is su­per handy: small, easy to squeeze cit­rus, dish­wash­er safe, and has a mea­sur­ing fea­ture di­rect­ly be­low the juicer (which hold up to 5 ounces and makes it per­fect for mea­sur­ing out amounts while cook­ing). It’s al­so re­al­ly good about keep­ing pulp out of the juice, has a drip free mea­sur­ing spout, has a grip on the base to help pre­vent tip­ping, and even has a stor­age cap for the top if you wish to save the juice for a lat­er time. The mea­sur­ing fea­ture con­ve­nient­ly has cups, ounces, and milliliters la­beled, mak­ing it very ver­sa­tile. And liked that it’s Amer­i­can made from 100% re­cy­cled BPA-free plas­tic.

    As you might ex­pect, the Juice­Lab is a lit­tle more ex­pen­sive than some ba­sic juicers at $18, but keep in mind all the smart de­tails it comes with, and the fact that you can get it in or­ange, white, or yel­low.

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